Postcard Mailer Magnets

Stop wasting your time and money on direct mail campaigns that are thrown into the trash without a glance! Add value to your marketing promotion by including a complimentary magnet on every advertising postcard you send. It’s the best way to reach a wider audience and grab your market’s attention. Our Postcard Mailer Magnets are a big favorite with customers.

Magnets are adhered to postcards in production, sent to the distribution list of your choice, and delivered into the hands of your future customers (or shipped in bulk). Simply choose a complimentary postcard and magnet, design your own, or let us help customize your Postcard Mailer Magnet. That it! No more wondering how you will effectively distribute your promotional products to your target market.

Mailing magnets on postcards is an ideal option for anyone who has a large audience to reach and needs their message to stick around. Every time your customers glance at their refrigerator door you will be making an impact. This can add up to thousands of impressions over the life of your magnet!

Don’t have a distribution list ready to go? No worries. Let us know the area you will be targeting and we can compile a list to reach your audience.

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Showing 1–30 of 31 results